Website Translation

Website Translation is the process of adapting the appearance, language, and usability of your website for foreign markets. The need for website localization is inevitable for companies with their eyes on global growth, with 72% of international customers preferring to shop on websites offering products in their native language.



Translating a website is the best way to reach foreign markets and increase your international sales. While it is true that English is a “global language,” and people in many different parts of the world read and understand English, users search the Internet in their native language. Also, people feel more comfortable buying your products and services if you speak to them in their own language. Website translation is therefore an essential first step towards the internationalization of your activity, especially when related to e-commerce. However, other considerations are to be taken into account to ensure your website is successful.


Skillful website translation can therefore attract thousands of potential customers to your website. The Internet opens up international marketing to another dimension and makes it possible to reach new markets as easily as if they were next door. However, cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and interfere with your message. Precise, culture-sensitive website translation is the key to success in online markets.

Website and web page translation is an art that some businesses underestimate. Examples of translation mistakes abound on the Internet and it is surprising to observe that even multinational organizations make mistakes in this capacity that can be very costly in terms of reputation and revenue.

Any attempt to establish your business in a new market must be accompanied by quality website translation respectful of the culture of the country concerned. Entrust your translation projects to Cultures Connection, the ideal partner for your international business.


Our translation company receives everyday requests from customers who wish to translate their website. Our translators/localizers can translate your website directly in MS Word (.doc) or in the source code (.htm(l), .php, .asp, .xml, java…) if you wish to get the new version of your website online as fast as possible.

We are specialized in web content translation services, e-commerce websites, mobile applications, and trading platforms, as well as the translation of product sheets in a very wide range of disciplines, such as tourism, beauty, sport, economy, finance, health, cuisine, chemistry, and more. In addition to web page translation, our services include content writing services for websites (SEO writing) optimized for search engines.

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