The translation of commercial documents is most often required for documents of the following types:

  • flyers, commercial pamphlets
  • marketing studies, competition studies, reports on commercial actions
  • commercial brochures, business plans
  • magazines, internal newsletters, miscellaneous publications
  • commercial packaging
  • job descriptions …

Commercial documents for marketing and sales are intended to be convincing. The style used for commercial translations is very different from the one that would be used for financial translations or for the translation of technical documents. Closer to the translation of commercial websites, the translation of commercial documents is carried out by professionals who have good experience in both sales and marketing. Coming from advertising agencies or marketing departments, our commercial translation experts provide true added value when translating such documents.

Expressions likely to have a certain impact for amongst French readers may have a completely different meaning for people reading in English, German or other languages. Marketing requires perfect proficiency in the language, since the words must resonate with the reader, while aligning with the reader’s cultural and linguistic origins. Over and above their meaning and information value, commercial or marketing documents must encourage actions or decisions on the part of the recipient, who must develop an interest in the presentation of your project or company.

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